How we help you and FAQs

As vets and practice managers, we know exactly what it is like having to multitask. That feeling of never have enough time. When you have morning surgery, a full ops list, home visits, staff worries, client questions, stock control, building maintenance, Practice Standards and Health & Safety issues to contend with.  It is no surprise that your website and marketing plans fall to the bottom of the pile. You are not alone! The good news is that we can help you. VetClub are a small team of experienced vets who work with skilled IT developers to provide online digital marketing and content for vets and veterinary related businesses throughout the UK.  Have a look at the fun video:

Have a look at what we can do…

Below are some of the common questions we get asked.

1) How much do the email newsletters cost?

In the typical package you will get a personalised email to all your clients. There will be a minimum of four topical stories written by our vet Club team. The stories will be aimed at the ‘mobile’ reader, as 75% of our content is accessed by people on the move via their phones and tablet devices. The news stories are also placed on your news pages.

In addition you will also have the ability to upload personalised practice stories each month. You will supply the stories which we will format and upload to your monthly email and website.

This cost most practices £150 plus VAT per month but the prices will vary according to your setup. For example you may have multiple branches or multiple email lists, or a specific delivery request and need a more bespoke service.

There is a one off setup cost at the beginning to cover the design of your web pages and email headers. This is fixed at £300 plus VAT.

Custom Packages – this is usually used by referral practices and large groups who want a totally bespoke and custom feel to their news and emails. Prices can vary so please ask us for more information.

That’s it… no other hidden costs.

You’ll know exactly what you have to pay, and you’ll get the service you want.
We will help you through the process and make it VERY easy for you all. For example, we can help you with ideas of how to collect email address. We’ll teach you how to send your email list securely. Well, like you, we take data protection very seriously. And, yes, we send you a test email to check you are happy with the newsletter before it goes out. In the whole process, we will make it as easy for you as possible.

2) Am I tied in with a long contract?

The straight answer to this is NO – there is no long contract
We don’t believe in forcing you to stay with us if we aren’t delivering.

We believe that you will want to stay with us because the service we offer is professional, effective, and great value for money. The ROI (return on investment) is expected to be at least 25:1, and the time it will save you is considerable.

All we ask is that if you choose to leave us you give us a calendar month notice to ensure we can deliver what we’ve promised.

3) What do I need to do to start the emails?

To send out emails we need you to transfer a list of your client’s email addresses, together with their name and titles. With practice computer systems this is easy to produce and we can help you with the process. To make things easier we can supply you with an excel file to help filter out the information we need. The more often you update this list and send it to us the better, but if we don’t get a new list each month we will simply use the last list you supplied.
We filter the list to remove duplicates and any clients who have previously opted out of the emails. This is then stored securely ready for the next email.

We can teach you how to password protect your files to make them secure to transfer. We promise to look after the data. We know it is very precious and it will only be used to send out emails to your clients.

4) How many news stories will be added each month?

The regular news items are what keep your clients engaged. Each month we will produce 3 or 4 sensible news items which will use specific information about your practice so they appear to be personal and direct from you. We try to have an article about a dog, a cat and a small mammal / exotic problem or interest each month. This seems a good blend of species and stories. We can see how popular each has been at the end of each month and feed this back to you. These form the steady backbone of your newsletter.
To add meat to this newsletter we suggest you also produce your own stories as this really helps bond clients and engage with them. They like to know what is going on – when they work the week after the newsletter goes out you’ll be asked questions about the articles by your clients.

How many extra stories that are added is up to you. Try and produce at least one each month.

We can add as many or as few as you like. Try to space them out and keep them coming. Often practice have 2 or 3 extra stories in the first email newsletter then 1 or 2 stories each month there after. If you are busy then you don’t need to add extra stories, your regular email newsletter will go out with the normal 3 or 4 normal stories even if you don’t add extra content. This is the beauty of the system, it works even if you can’t add more content, but it does work better if you can provide stories truly local to your site.

Story ideas for your own articles include:

  • New staff at the site
  • Staff gaining new qualifications
  • Outbreaks of disease to warn clients about
  • Special offers
  • Promotions
  • Changes in your hours
  • Gala or open days

6) How do I know if the emails are working?

There are several ways to measure how the newsletters are working. In the week after the newsletter goes out, your clients may discuss some of the contents with you.
We will also send you a report each month which shows how many of the emails were received and opened by clients.

7) What will the emails look like?

When we set you up on the system we will look at your current website and create a news page and an email template based on the look and the feel of your current site. You will be able to make suggestions and alter the look as you please but we aim to make it almost identical so clients are familiar and comfortable with it

The news items will appear in the body of the email and when a story is clicked on it will expand to the full news item on you webpage.
An examples of a recent email can be found here >

8) Can I see some examples of the emails and news stories?

We have some example emails and example news stories here, but if you would like to see more, contact us either by email or by telephone. We’d be very happy to visit you and show you more.
Call on 07974 983 670
or Email us

9) How much do the surveys cost?

Surveys are a great way to get valuable information from your clients and customers.
By asking carefully written questions, you’ll find out a wealth of information which can help you, your staff and your practice improve.

We can tailor the survey to your personal requirements, and all for just £300. For this you will be able to link your survey into your emails, and will get a detailed report back at the end of the deadline.

You could for example keep a constantly running satisfaction survey on your website for clients to fill in after they have visited the clinic