Newsletters – Why They Work So Well

What are the advantages of our digital newsletters over paper?

  • Our email newsletters are personalised to your practice, your staff and your premises
  • The emails are delivered to all your clients every month
  • The news items are held on your news section of the website
  • All the news items we provide are seasonal, current and personalised
  • Your own bespoke news stories can be included every month
  • Vouchers, offers and promotions added to the email at your requestNewsletters can include surveys and questionnaires
  • Video stories and guides can be added within the newsletter
  • The newsletters are real value for money – you get an email to all your clients with 4 personalised news stories and your bespoke extra stories from just £150 per month

Newsletters are a common way that vet practices communicate with their clients

The traditional paper newsletter, handed out in the reception area, is no longer the most effective way to deliver messages. Traditional paper newsletter are usually out of date by the time they are printed.

Typically they are costly to print, they are very expensive if you post them out and it is not easy to measure their effectiveness.