Here are some examples of videos that have been produced by Jonathan Down and the VetClub team.

Click on the images to watch the video clips. They can all be branded with your practice’s details. They need to retain a home-made feel so they appear to have been produced by your team rather than a professional

We offer pet care videos as part of our Vet Club package, including such subjects as;

  • How to tablet a cat
  • How to clip your rabbits nails
  • How to brush your dogs teeth
  • How to apply eye drops to your pet
  • How to apply ear drops safely

These videos are used in conjunction with some of the monthly news stories. They are filmed and edited to be bite sized teasers, which your clients will be able to view on their mobile or tablet. They are specifically edited to be just one or two minutes long. Any longer and we find some people may choose not to view them.

If you have a bespoke video you’d like to consider about your practice,
contact us to discuss your choices.