What we do

We aim to make digital marketing work for all veterinary practices.

Our email newsletters are affordable, professional, flexible and work. To be competitive, every veterinary practice owner needs to keep up with the ever changing rules of the digital world. Let us take the pain from you. Our seamless system means there is almost nothing you have to do to make email newsletters work for you and your clients. So they are almost ‘fit and forget’.

Beautiful, formatted newsletters will be delivered to your clients 12 times a year via email. In addition written content, photographs and videos are added to your practice website every month, to give you the changing content so loved by Google.

  • They are exceptional value for money
  • They improve your Google ranking
  • Your clients will love them

So it makes perfect financial and marketing sense to choose VetClub

VetClub – Launched to help veterinary practices market their businesses

To take the pain out of it for them.

We’ve always been passionate about the veterinary profession, and have always emphasised the importance of helping owners understand and be involved in the decision making processes with their pets.

Great animal care comes naturally to those who understand. The ability to educate and explain using email and digital news is a great opportunity, and it’s this that has helped develop and evolve the concept behind VetClub.

You can be assured that everything produced by VetClub is written with the wealth of experience of its clinical veterinary team.

We aren’t just marketeers coming in from another profession trying to jump on the bandwagon of digital and email. We are vets who care about animals, veterinary practices and doing the right thing.

Before you talk to anyone else about marketing your business, talk to us first. We’ll be open and honest and give you a straight answer.

Our key team members…

Some of the veterinary practices we work with include…

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VetClub working with Burgess Pet Care…

We’ve also been heavily involved with Burgess Pet Care creating and delivering their Vet Club and Pet Club digital marketing newsletters.

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